Episode 11: Welcome, Cyberlords

Good things come in small packages. That's how we feel about this week's episode with special guest Sree Kotay, chief technology officer and executive vice president for Comcast Cable. We discuss diversity in the tech world, why and how tech employees can embrace the humanities and the future ruled by cyberlords.


– A basic guide on how to increase workplace diversity

– The Brits (and Microsoft) are always one step ahead.

– Quick facts about Alan Turing, John Nash and Grace Hopper

– Movies based on these aforementioned geniuses: The Imitation Game, A Beautiful Mind and Born with Curiosity, a film about Grace that’s still in the fundraising stage *insert eye roll*

– Get coding with these helpful resources: Women Who Code, Black Girls Code, Code2040 and Codecademy

– Is there such as thing as being too sensitive? Code Switch explores that debate within the context of trigger warnings:

– The ethics of AI

– Sree’s book recommendation: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Special thanks to Dubb Nubb for letting us use their music. You can buy it here. Also to Tracee Tibbitts for creating our badass logos.

Tuesday, December 13