Episode 14: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

After the historic day of women's marches around the world, we discuss the best signs, what the organizers got right and the work white women still need to do.


The basics about the march(es)

– Why some Hillary supporters weren’t at the march

– A little reminder on who voted for Trump

– Josh Kushner is obviously woke.

– There were many ways the marches could have been more inclusive. Here's one, two, three ways worth considering.

– Keep up the momentum with 10 Actions for the First 100 Days.

– Listen to the voices around you. Here are two good places to start: Dr. Adrienne Keene and Black Lives Matter.

Special thanks to Dubb Nubb for letting us use their music. You can buy it here. Also to Tracee Tibbitts for creating our badass logos.

Tuesday, January 24