Episode 3: Serious. Adult. Tasks.

On this episode, we discuss life after graduation. Still in the process of transitioning, we set goals for a year from now. This episode was recorded in August 2016.


– Meet your new budget app

The 50/20/30 rule to budgeting

– Recipes for work lunches and quick dinners

– A feel-good song to cheer you up

– An inspirational Tedx Talk that will remind you that you're doing all the right things

A movie that will make you cry and also make you appreciate the small stuff

A guide to help you through any and all decisions you've never had to make before

Another essay by Marina Keegan

Special thanks to Dubb Nubb for letting us use their music. You can buy it here. Also to Tracee Tibbitts for creating our badass logos.

Tuesday, August 23