Episode 8: Hilltop Moments

On the one year anniversary of the hunger strike and camp out at Mizzou, we talked with Lee Commins, a journalist and graduate of Howard University. This episode is longer than usual because there's a lot to unpack, including if journalists can do their jobs and still be activists, what it's like to not be heard as a minority and why being an ally matters.


A timeline of the Mizzou protests

The answers to many questions about Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike

– A retrospective on the events in Ferguson following the killing of Mike Brown

– Madi’s article with Concerned Student 1950 founding member Marshall Allen

– How to solve the lack of diversity in newsrooms

Nikole Hannah-Jones is a boss.

Black Twitter's power

– A look at the history of race at Mizzou

– How to be a good ally (Important note: this is only the beginning. Try a google search for more.)

– Madi’s article with MU4MikeBrown founder Naomi Daugherty

– NPR’s Code Switch podcast and blog are both excellent resources for critical analyses of race and identity. Here’s a particularly relevant episode:

– BONUS: Lee’s interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates in March 2016

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Thursday, November 3