Episode 9: Post-Election Feels

Two days after the presidential election, we sat down to discuss how we were processing the results and our self-care in the days after Hillary Clinton's loss. Send us key parts of your self-care routine by emailing or tweeting at us.


– Nine Ted talks about the importance of self-care

– No two self-care routines are the same, but this is a good place to start.

– Here's your cue to "Seize The Day."

All about Ani (Difranco)

– Make a difference with you paper. Find an organization that you support, and donate. Some ideas to get you started: Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Earthjustice and International Rescue Committee.

– Listen to just about any episode of Another Round, a podcast that talks a lot about mental health (in addition to celebrating the work of a lot of awesome people of color).

– "I am no good to others when I am not good to myself." How one black woman learned to practice self-care.

Special thanks to Dubb Nubb for letting us use their music. You can buy it here. Also to Tracee Tibbitts for creating our badass logos.

Tuesday, November 15