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Episode 19: Tiny Updates

We're back with a quick updates episode in which we revisit various topics we've talked about on the show (think: tinder, periods and being an adult). More

Episode 18: Beautiful Inside and Out

An estimated 20 million women and 10 million men in America will have an eating disorder at some point in their life. This week, we're tackling that and more.

Episode 17: Two-Drink Brunches

This week, we discuss why we hate the phrase "work-life balance," but also how we’re trying to treat ourselves to fuller lives. More

Episode 16: The Tiny Book Club: Hillbilly Elegy

Welcome to the first Tiny Book Club! We talked about Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of Family and Culture in Crisis by J.D. Vance. More

Episode 15: Because Breakups Are Hard

Adam returns to tell us what it's like to be a guy in a breakup. More

Episode 14: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

After women (and others) marched around the world, Madi and Adrienne discuss the the good, the bad and the stuff white women still need to work on. More

Episode 13: Tinder, Taco Bell and Trashcans

This week we talked to Madi’s friend Adam about Tinder from a guy’s perspective, the trick for finding your perfect match and whether the app is innately fraught. More

Episode 12: Obama’s Sex Playlist and Other 2016 Faves

As 2016 comes to a close, we rounded up a few of our favorite things. More

Episode 11: Welcome, Cyberlords

Good things come in small packages. That's how we feel about this week's episode with special guest Sree Kotay, chief technology officer and executive vice president for Comcast Cable. More

Episode 10: Team Jess Forever

We’re big Gilmore Girls fans, so we couldn't resist chatting about the Netflix revival with Madi’s uncle and fellow fan Sree Kotay. More

Episode 9: Post-Election Feels

Two days after the presidential election, we sat down to discuss our self-care in the days after Hillary Clinton's loss. More

Episode 8: Hilltop Moments

We’re joined by Madi's friend Lee to discuss activism, journalism and so much more.

Episode 7: Bigger Than A Piece of Chicken

This week, Madi talked to our pal Colette Rector about why she became a vegetarian. More

Episode 6: We Contain Multitudes

Katie Meyer joined us on the show this week as we delve into the complexities of faith. More

Episode 5: A Red Basket Full of Red Things

This week on the podcast, we talk about periods and the small ways we are trying to stop the stigma about a common human experience. More

Episode 4: Arbitrary Human Fear

Our friend Aaron is back on the show this week talking about the people who intimidate him and the trick he uses to get over it. More

Episode 3: Serious. Adult. Tasks.

On this episode, we discuss life after graduation. Still in the process of transitioning, we set goals for a year from now. More

Episode 2: You've Got a Friend in Tumblr

On this episode, Aaron Pellish joins us to discuss his blog, Toy Story Is The Star Wars Of Our Generation, and the tweet that inspired him to create it. Plus, Adrienne reveals a startling secret. More

Episode 1: Galactic Manifest Destiny

On this episode, we discuss the original conversation that led to this podcast, featuring the Staten Island Ferry and one of our favorite authors. We also debate the consequences of colonizing another planet amid the increasing privatization of space exploration. More